Pain Cream

Pain Creams: Are They Right For You?

Chronic pain can make life almost unbearable; finding ways to manage it is essential. The vast majority of people with chronic pain end up taking pills to help manage it, but many of those types of medication come along with severe side effects. In some cases, using pain cream in conjunction with other medication can help a great deal.

Managing chronic pain can be a tricky proposition. Pills can be quite useful, but they often come along with their own problems, including unpleasant side effects and dependency issues. In order to lessen the negative effects of pills, more and more people are turning to transdermal pain creams. Pain cream is a prescription medication that can be used alone, or in conjunction with pills and other medicines; you can learn more below.

The Benefits of Pain Creams

A compounding pharmacy can customise pain cream so that it is best suited to address your own specific needs. Nerve pain and neuropathic pain are the two most common circumstances for which pain cream is prescribed. By applying a customised pain cream to the skin, patients can reduce their dependence on pills that may have negative side effects for them. The local nature of pain cream means less stress on the body, and it’s often possible to reduce the number of pills that need to be taken each day.

Obtaining Pain Cream

Since a compounding pharmacy must devise the appropriate formula for any pain cream that you need, you must consult with a doctor and obtain a prescription in order to use it. If you are already taking pain medication in pill form, your doctor should be able to help you out concerning pain cream. Simply make an appointment with your doctor and discuss with them the possibility of trying out transdermal pain cream. It may prove to be quite beneficial for you.

Using Pain Cream

Upon being prescribed a pain cream, the compounding pharmacy will produce the specified formula and you will be able to start using it. You will be advised of a specific dose that you’ll need to use in order to maximise the benefits of the cream. Usually, transdermal pain cream can be applied up to three times per day. You should apply it to the specific site where you are experiencing pain. Although the doses are measured, you do not have to apply the cream three times; you can use it less often, if it works.

Possible Side Effects

One of the best things about transdermal pain creams is that they don’t bring the huge array of possible side effects with them that many pills and other forms of prescription medication do. Therefore, you can use and apply pain cream without fear of developing unpleasant or problematic side effects. In some cases, patients experience such great success with their pain cream that they are able to reduce their dependence on pills. Other times, pain cream doesn’t provide any noticeable or appreciable benefit. The only way to find out is to give it a try, by speaking with your doctor.

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