Veterinary Compounding

What Is Veterinary Compounding?

While millions of human beings rely on compounding for their medications every single day, they are not alone. Millions of animals rely on veterinary pharmacy compounding to get the right kinds of medication, too. Indeed, without compounding many animals would essentially be out of luck for many treatments.

Veterinary compounding refers to the practice of creating custom medications for different breeds of animals. What works for a horse, for example, probably won’t work for a bird. A compounding pharmacy works to create specially designed medications for various kinds of animals. These medications may be tweaked based on many different factors.

Different dosages may be devised depending on an animal’s average size, for instance; dogs generally need larger doses than hamsters. Special flavouring may be used to make medicine more palatable to different animals – cats might receive chicken flavoured medicine, just as an example.

Why do Veterinary Clinics use Veterinary Compounding?

Like many pet owners it’s perfectly natural that you’d like to ensure your pet is as healthy and happy as possible, after all; they’re one of the family. When your animal gets sick, they are generally taken to a veterinary clinic as quickly as possible. Regardless of where you live in Australia, your vet would diagnose and prescribe the best medication for your pet.

Pharmaceutical compounding pharmacies and Veterinary clinics work hand in hand with each other to broaden their prescribing abilities, and overall enhance and expand a veterinarian’s ability to treat a patient quickly in the most effective manner.

The Many Uses Of Veterinary Compounding

In addition to making medicine that is at the proper dosage for a specific animal – or to make it more agreeable taste-wise – compounding might also be used to make drugs easier to administer. Giving medicine to a cat is a lot different than giving it to a horse. Veterinarians work closely with clients to devise the right kind of medicine for their needs.

People with especially finicky pets can request capsules in lieu of liquids, for instance, or may ask for specific flavouring to keep their animal happy. With compounding, the ability to effectively prescribe the best medications for your animal is increased, which translates to a greater opportunity to offer the best treatment.

Compounding And A Happy, Healthy Pet

The next time your pet requires medicine, pay attention to what is prescribed. No matter what it is – or what form it takes – compounding most likely played a role in its development somewhere along the way. Remember that the specialised dosage that you give your pet bird or snake – or the flavouring that makes your dog more agreeable about taking his medicine wouldn’t be possible without innovative compounding techniques. Without question, compounding is about keeping your pet healthy, and/or getting it better in an easier and more manageable way. Through the relationship that Veterinarian’s and Compounding Pharmacies have forged you can rest assured with the knowledge that your pet is in the best hands possible.

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