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Five benefits of compounded medications

1. They’re customisable

The main benefit of using compounded medication is that they are completely customisable to you! This means that your doctor can prescribe the exact strength of medicine you need and it can be made specifically for you up by a pharmacist.

2. Flavours

You can choose the flavours! We have a variety of flavours to choose from when making up your liquid compounds. This is particularly good for medicine for children, and can give them the option to choose their own flavour. No more bad tasting medicine!

3. Allergies

If you have allergies or sensitivities to certain medicines or fillers, compounding could be a fantastic option for you. Your doctor and pharmacist may be able to adjust the ingredients in your medication so that it fits your specific needs.

4. Replaces unavailable medicines

Often, if your usual medicine is out of stock, your Compounding Pharmacist will be able to make it up for you. This means you won’t have to go elsewhere with your prescription, or miss a dose.

5. Alternative dosing

Compounding can provide alternative ways of taking your regular medication. Some therapies, for example, hormonal treatments, can work very effectively when taken transdermally (in a cream form), or sublingually (under the tongue). This alleviates the need to take tablets every day!

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