Picture of compounded tablets and capsules

What is compounded medication?

Compounded medications are medications that, instead of being mass produced, are made up specifically for each patient with their individual needs in mind. Compounded medicines are made up to match the specific dose and form that is required by the customer.

Before the mass increase in drug manufacturing in the 1950s, almost every medication was compounded, meaning it was made up by a pharmacist in the back of a pharmacy. Nowadays, most pharmacies do not offer compounding services, which means that some patients will not have their specific needs met.

Recently, compounding has had a revival, and some modern pharmacies are offering these services. Because of modern technology, compounding is more customisable and effective than ever before, meaning that you can have the freedom to choose even the flavour of your liquid medication!

We believe that every customer should be given access to customised medication, which is why we offer compounding services. Speak to your doctor about the option of compounded medicines, or contact us for more information about our online compounding services.

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