Who can we compound for?

The best thing about compounding is that it is completely customisable! Compounds can be made up to suit our customers’ specific needs. For example, patients who have trouble swallowing tablets may be able to have their medication made up in a liquid form.


We also compound children’s medication. Kids can be very fussy when it comes to taking medication, especially when they don’t like the taste. We can compound children’s medication with custom flavours! We have a variety of flavours in store so that your little one can choose for themselves. Being able to have the choice may also make a child feel more involved in the process and be less resistant to taking their medicine.


Yes, we can compound medication for you furry friends! We accept veterinary prescriptions for cats, dogs, and other pets. Compounding customised medication for your four-legged family members means we can make medications that they are more likely to take. No more having to coax and hold down the cat every morning!

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