5 negative effects of poor sleep

There will be some times in your life when you just don’t sleep enough. It could be when you have a newborn, when you’re in exam season at university or high school, or when you’re experiencing high levels of stress. Sleep is integral to overall health, and you will likely notice a few changes when you don’t get enough of it.

1. You’ll become irritable

When you don’t get enough sleep, you will likely become quite irritable. This will obviously have an impact on your family, friends, and colleagues who spend time around you.

2. You’ll become forgetful

Many researchers have found that sleep can be directly linked with memory and learning. Often students will sacrifice sleep for study, however it has been widely acknowledged that you will not be able to retain as much information as possible if you are sleep deprived.

3. Your skin will suffer

When you sleep, your body is repairing and healing itself, so of course, if you are sleeping less, your body will have less time to do this. It has been found that people who get less sleep on a regular basis will find that their skin ages more quickly and tends to be looser.

4. Your recovery time increases

Most athletes will prioritise sleep over almost any other activity, even their training. This is because sleep is just as important as a your diet when it comes to recovery from exercise. If you get little sleep, your muscles will take longer to recover, and you will find that muscle soreness will last longer than usual. Additionally, the quality of your exercise regime will improve if you get sufficient sleep.

5. Your reaction time increases

Sleep has been directly linked to reaction time in a number of research studies. This can of course affect your ability to catch a ball, or a dropped mobile phone, or swat a pesky fly, but more importantly, it could impact your driving ability. To drive as safely as possible, your reaction and reflexes must be at their best.

If you consistently have trouble sleeping, try changing your night time routine, or speak to your doctor or pharmacist about a sleep aid.

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