8 tips to help you sleep through the night

Sleep problems can come in varied forms. For some, getting to sleep at a reasonable hour is difficult. Others will struggle to get out of bed when their alarm sounds. For many, sleeping through the night without waking is almost impossible. If the latter sounds familiar, here are eight tips to help you sleep through the night.

  1. Hide your clocks! Cover any visible clocks in your bedroom of a night time, so you cannot see them if you do happen to wake. Watching the clock and calculating how long you have left to sleep can only be stressful and will keep you up even longer.
  2. Relax your body. Many of us will wind down our minds in the hours before bed by watching some TV and reading a book, but it is essential to wind down physically as well. Practicing some yoga or even just five minutes of stretching of an evening can do wonders.
  3. Only head to bed when you’re ready to sleep. Forcing yourself to go to sleep before you’re ready will only cause trouble sleeping. If it gets late and you’re still awake, do a relaxing activity like reading or yoga to help you wind down.
  4. Quit smoking. Smoking has been shown to disrupt sleep and hinder your ability to have a restful night.
  5. Just get up. If you wake up during the night and cannot get back to sleep promptly, get out of bed. Head to the kitchen for a drink, or read in a different room until you feel tired again.
  6. Cut the caffeine. Caffeine stays in your body for longer than you might think – eight to ten hours after you drink it – so be sure to stop drinking it within ten hours of your bedtime. To give yourself the best chance at a good night’s sleep.
  7. Exercise regularly, but not right before bed. Exercise is a great tool to use when regulating your sleep pattern, however working out just before bedtime can often cause you to feel more awake.
  8. Wake up at the same time each day. Even if you can’t make your bedtime regular, waking up at the same time can be helpful in improving your sleep. If you can adjust to a consistent wake up time, your body will begin to get used to it, and your chances of sleeping through the night will increase.

If you are still experiencing unrestful sleep or waking up during the night, speak to your pharmacist or doctor about alternative options.


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