Naps 101

We love a good nap in the afternoon, and when we manage to squeeze on in on a Sunday afternoon, we know it’s been a good day. But how do you get the most out of your nap, and wake up feeling refreshed?

Napping can be seen as lazy and unproductive in our modern society, however, sleeping eight consecutive hours of a night time is actually a fairly new phenomenon. Napping, when done strategically, can increase productivity, improve memory, and boost brain power. To get the most out of your nap, follow these tips:

1. Nap in the afternoon

Usually around two or three in the afternoon, you will experience a dip in energy. This is usually the time we reach for a coffee or some sugar, but a nap can be more effective in getting us through the afternoon.

2. Cut the light

Napping in the dark will make for a more comfortable and restful sleep, as it will mirror the environment of night time.

3. Choose your length

This is where most people get it wrong. It can be appealing to lie down for a couple of hours when you are feeling tired, but a short nap will allow you to reap all the positive benefits listed above.

A nap of 30 minutes for less has been shown to be the most effective way to sleep during the day. Sleeping for such a short period means you will not fall into a deep sleep, and it will take you less time to wake up and get back to your day.

4. The coffee nap

An unexpected coffee nap has risen in popularity in recent years, and is practiced regularly by high flying CEOs and executives in the Western world. The coffee nap includes drinking a shot of espresso before laying down for your nap. The idea is that caffeine usually takes about 20 minutes to hit your system. This gives you enough time to have a decent nap before the caffeine wakes you naturally.

5. Set an alarm

Perhaps the most important rule of napping: set an alarm! You may think that you’ll wake up naturally, but we don’t recommend you take that risk! Falling into a deep sleep could have you down for the count until midnight.

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