Sleep like it’s a sport

Top athletes and the fittest people on earth take an equally as serious view on sleep as they do for their training. Poor sleep means poor performance, whether this refers to performance in sport, at the office, or at home. If you have a goal to improve your fitness, complete a project, upgrade your career, or make any big change in your life, you will need sufficient sleep to get there. Try implementing some top tips that athletes use to sleep like it’s a sport.

1. Select the perfect sleepwear

The last thing you want it to be woken up in the night by an itchy tag or a strangling strap. Choose sleepwear that fits (or is on the bigger side), is comfortable, and stays in place all night long. Sleepwear is often overlooked when considering quality of sleep, but it can be just as important as your mattress when settling in for a good night’s rest.

2. Track your sleep

There are plenty of apps and fitness trackers that can give you run down of how well you’ve slept. Most apps and trackers will allow you to set a sleep goal each night, and sme will even have an alarm feature that will wake you up when you’re in a lighter sleep. Understanding your sleep patterns can be highly effective when analysing how you feel, and can enable you to choose the best bedtime for you.

3. Take a nap

Some athletes incorporate strategic naps into their daily routine. This can be a great option for someone who works in shifts, or for those who can’t seem to get a consistent night’s sleep. Make sure to keep them short however, because a nap of 45 minutes or longer can end up making you feel more tired than you were before.

4. Get moving

One of the reasons athletes and highly active people sleep so well is because they burn a lot of energy during their training each day. While you might not have time for a athlete-level workout each day (understandable!), try to move your body for at least half an hour each day. Getting some blood flowing and burning some energy is a great way to tire yourself out so you’re ready to fall asleep as soon as the lights go out.

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