Sleep tips for children

Tips for toddlers

  1. Make sure they get enough sleep! Toddlers may seem to be full of energy, but they still require 11 to 14 hours sleep each day. This might mean two naps, or one and a long night’s rest, depending on your routine.
  2. Set some limits around sleep time. As a toddler, your child will begin wanting more control in their life, so be sure to set strict guidelines for them to follow surrounding bed time. This might be a time, a bedtime story routine, or how many stuffed animals you allow in bed.

Tips for preschoolers

  1. Cut out the blue light. Blue light that emits from phones, tablets, and computers disrupts our melatonin levels, and disturbs our sleep patterns. Lots of kids of preschool age will have access to a device these days, so it’s important for them to leave it outside come bedtime.
  2. Keep a consistent schedule. Make sure your little one knows what their bedtime is, and when it’s time to get up. This will give them an element of control over their own routine, which will usually give them some more encouragement to follow it.

Tips for primary schoolers

  1. Encourage your child to sleep on their own. When kids get a bit older, you may like to give them a little more flexibility around bedtime. Allowing some time in bed to read a book before sleeping can be a great way to give you children some flexibility, and begin a good habit of reading before bed. As a bonus, reading helps promote restful sleep!
  2. When children start to get homework and are spending more time on a computer or other device, they may begin needing more time to wind down of a night time. Ensure your child has ample time off the computer or their device before heading to their room for bedtime.

If your child has consistent trouble sleeping, speak to your doctor or pharmacist about alternative methods.

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