10 things you didn’t know about menopause

  1. You may suffer from ‘brain fog’. During menopause, you may find it harder to concentrate or figure out simple problems. This is a natural side effect, and should improve after menopause is over.
  2. The length of menopause will differ for each individual. For some, menopause can last up to ten years, whereas others may only experience symptoms for a couple of months.  
  3. Symptoms are likely to be at their worst during perimenopause. Perimenopause is what we call the stretch of time before a woman’s period stops all together. This is the time you are likely to experience most of the symptoms we attribute to menopause.
  4. You may start suffering with migraines. The hormonal fluctuations that go on during menopause have been shown to trigger migraines. If you do suffer from migraines, it is highly likely that they will go away after menopause.
  5. You might want to nap more. Menopause can cause disrupted sleep and insomnia, which is likely to make you tired during the day and feel the need to take a nap.
  6. You may become more introverted. Menopause can make you want to spend more time alone and less out with friends. This has been linked to menopause being an introspective period of a woman’s life.
  7. Your mental health might suffer. Anxiety and depression are both normal symptoms of menopause. This is partly caused by the surge of adrenaline that is released during a hot flash.
  8. You might become more forgetful. You may find it hard to retain information, particularly when it comes to verbal information. The good news is that your memory will improve again after menopause is over.
  9. You may still be able to fall pregnant. Even if ovulation is erratic, a woman may still be able to fall pregnant during menopause.
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