Menopause and Exercise

It is important to keep up a moderate level of activity during menopause, as exercise can even improve unpleasant symptoms and side effects. Exercise is also fantastic outlet for stress and anxiety, which can increase during menopause. A variety of exercises can be beneficial for combatting symptoms of menopause.

Strength training

Strength training can help you to gain and strengthen muscle, which has been shown to slow down the ageing process. Strength training will help keep your bones strong and prevent bone loss, something that happens during menopause.


Doing activities that increase your heart rate like running, jogging, swimming, and cycling can help by preventing weight gain, which some women will experience during menopause. Cardio exercise can also help decrease your risk of heart disease.

Stretching and Yoga

Activities like Yoga can be relaxing for both the body and mind, by helping relieve stress and tension. There is also some evidence that suggests doing relaxing exercise like Yoga can help combat insomnia and trouble sleeping. Stretching your muscles daily will help maintain flexibility as well as keep your joints mobile, maintaining a good range of motion.

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