Menopause – What’s normal?

There is a lot of confusion about what is and is not normal when it comes to menopause and other hormonal issues. It is important to know what is and is not normal during menopause so you know when you may need to be concerned.

Early menopause

Premature menopause is categorised by a woman under the age of 40 who’s ovaries have stopped producing eggs. Some individuals may start menopause as early as their late teenage years. Often, the cause of premature menopause is unknown, however it has also been linked to autoimmune disorders, genetic conditions, and viral infections. If you are noticing symptoms affiliated with menopause before the age of 40, visit your doctor for testing.

Mental health

It is normal for a woman’s mental health to decline during menopause, as hormone fluctuations can cause changes in mood. During menopause, you may notice mood swings, depression, or increased stress and anxiety. Mood swings are often manageable, however if you notice a significant increase in anxious or depressive thoughts, speak to your doctor about your options.


Your periods will become very unpredictable for a period of time before they stop completely. You may experience less frequency, more frequency, heavier, or lighter periods. Every woman will notice something different in her menstrual cycle when going through menopause. If you are concerned about constant heavy periods, consult your healthcare professional.

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