Menopause and Continence

Menopause is a time of many changes in a woman’s life. Throughout menopause, a woman may experience some unpleasant symptoms. One that is rarely discussed is bladder control. The most common symptom experienced within this area is frequent urination, and needing to go urgently. Other symptoms include bladder leakage when coughing, sneezing, or exercising, and the need to get up in the night to urinate. A more serious symptom that may be experienced is frequent urinary tract infections.

These problems will rarely disappear on their own, and some will require doctor advice. It is important that if you do suffer with any of the above (or other) symptoms, you take them seriously. You may find some improvement in bladder leakage by practicing pelvic floor exercises. Doing these exercises will only take a small part of your day to complete, and may give you some relief. If you are experiencing frequent urinary tract infections, visit your health care professional.

Our bladders will become gradually less elastic as we age, something that is unfortunately very difficult to control. Similar to pelvic floor exercises, however, there are a number of bladder strengthening exercises you can complete, which may help you to regain some control. Completing these with the pelvic floor exercises may help you control a number of bladder issues associated with menopause.

If you are still experiencing these uncomfortable symptoms, visit your health care professional to discuss other options.

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