Treatments for Menopause

Menopause is a tough time for everyone going through it, and it can often be hard to broach a conversation about treatment options if you feel you need them. In this day and age, there are a few options for women suffering from symptoms of menopause.

The first step is, of course, to make any appropriate changes to your lifestyle. You can read more about cutting down caffeine, eating a balanced diet, and getting better sleep in our previous blog posts. You may also be deficient in some nutrients that can help manage some of the nasty symptoms of menopause.

If you are still suffering from the effects of menopause, you may choose to speak to your health care professional. A doctor will often be able to diagnose menopause or perimenopause by you simply listing your symptoms. It is important to record your symptoms and keep track of your menstrual cycle during this time, so you can bring this information to your doctor.

Your doctor will also be able to do a physical test, to confirm your symptoms are that of menopause. These tests may include a swab test, to check your pH levels, which can confirm if you are experiencing menopause. The doctor will also be able to perform other tests that rule out any other conditions that can have similar symptoms.

When your doctor can confirm the symptoms you are experiencing are from menopause, they will be able to offer you a choice of treatments. The type of treatment will depend on various factors such as your age, any health conditions, and whether you have had a hysterectomy.

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