Healthy Eating Habits for Ageing Bodies

Many people will say you are what you eat, and looking after your body in the best ways you can is essential to healthy ageing. This starts with what you feed and fuel your body with! Here are five tips for maintaining healthy eating habits as you age.

1. Stay hydrated

Your body will begin dehydrating faster as you age, and you may start to notice drier skin than you are used to. This is particularly prevalent during menopause. Because of this, it is extremely important to stay hydrated by drinking around two litres of water per day. If you drink (uncaffeinated) herbal tea, this will also count toward your daily water intake!

2. Eat your veggies

This might be a pretty straightforward one, but it is important to be taking in your five daily serves of vegetables each month as you age.

3. Have enough protein

Taking in substantial protein as you age will mean your body is stronger, and therefore your risk of injury is lessened. Protein is particularly important if you are undertaking any kind of exercise routine.

4. Eat ample amounts

It might be easier to skip breakfast of a morning, and just have a coffee, or have a bigger lunch and not worry about dinner, but skipping meals won’t do you any favours. Sticking to at least three main meals each day at regular times will help maintain a healthy metabolism, and will keep your energy at a consistent level.

5. Don’t be too strict

While it is important to ensure you are taking in ample nutrients each day, there is no need to be so strict that you miss out on your favourite foods. Part of a healthy lifestyle is treating yourself every now and then when you have cravings.

For more information on healthy ageing, speak to your healthcare professional.

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