Keeping your Mind Young

Maintaining a healthy mind as you age is just as important as maintaining a healthy body. A decline in cognitive performance is common when we age, but it can be prevented or slowed to a certain extent.

Stimulate your Brain

Keep your brain active with puzzles, reading, and course-taking. Doing arts and crafts such as knitting, painting, and drawing have been shown to improve cognitive performance as well as dexterity. Keeping your brain active as you age is key to maintaining a healthy mind.

Cut the Alcohol and Tobacco

Drinking in excess has been strongly linked to dementia later in life. If you do wish to drink, try not to exceed two drinks in any one day. Tobacco has many negative effects on the brain, and can cause accelerated decline in brain function.

Be Social

Socialising is one often under-appreciated way to stimulate your mind and keep it young. By taking the time to catch up with friends or family, even on the phone, you will improve mental clarity and even life expectancy.

Get Moving

Exercise is great for all parts of our body, including our mind! Incorporating exercise can keep the mind stimulated, as well as help release mental stress. Exercise also stimulates the connections between brain cells.

Eat Well

If you didn’t have enough reasons to eat healthily, here is another! Eating a balanced diet full of nutrients will help maintain a healthy brain. Fish, oils, nuts, fruits, and vegetables are just a handful of foods that help maintain healthy cognition.

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