Six Tips for Healthy Ageing

1. Take control

There is only so much you can rely on others for. It is important to consult a professional when dealing with health issues, however, it all begins with you taking the initiative first. If you want to embark on a healthy ageing journey, make sure you are doing your own research, making appointments with necessary professionals for advice, and doing what you can at home.

2.  Reduce stress

Stress has been shown time and time again to not only affect your mental state, but also your physical health. Managing your stress effectively is one of the most important aspects of ageing healthily.

3. Sleep enough

A healthy sleep routine is essential throughout your entire life, however many people will find it harder to get enough quality sleep when they get older. It is important to establish a healthy sleep routine that suits your lifestyle, to give yourself the best chance at getting quality sleep.

4. Use your brain

Research has shown that keeping your brain active and stimulated will slow down cognitive decline in old age. With Alzheimer’s and dementia so prevalent in our ageing society, there is a push for maintained brain stimulation later in life.

5. Spend time with loved ones

Many older adults live a secluded or lonely lifestyle.This has been linked to a decline in mental health, and can even affect physical health. Keeping your relationships alive by scheduling regular catch ups either on the phone or in person can contribute to healthier ageing.

6. Stay active

Regular exercise has endless benefits for both the body and mind. While you may not be able to keep up exercise of the same intensity while ageing, it is important to prioritise movement. Even going for regular walks and doing some light stretching will vastly improve your health.

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