Staying Fit as You Age

Improving and maintaining fitness as you age can seem like a huge task, but there are small things you can implement every day to keep your body strong and healthy. Fitness is something typically associated with youth, but there are countless benefits to keeping fit as you age. A fitter body will also mean a healthier mind.

You don’t have to run kilometres and lift heavy weights to maintain fitness as you age. Simply keeping active and mobile will be plenty. Find low impact exercises that you enjoy, like yoga, walking, and swimming, and try to do at least 30 minutes of exercise every day.

You may feel that the prospect is daunting, but It is never too late to begin an exercise routine. If you have injuries, ailments, or any health conditions, speak to your health care professional before embarking on an exercise program.

Incidental exercise is the easiest way to promote movement each day. Try parking your car a bit further away from the supermarket, or taking a walk around the block a few times a day if you are able. Remember that keeping fit does not have to include gruelling workouts every day of the week.

Check out our blog on keeping a healthy mind next, for tips on how to maintain holistic fitness. It’s not all about your physical fitness!

Before starting an exercise regime, speak to a healthcare professional.

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