Three Habits to Maintain as you Age

It may be appealing to discard healthy habits when you start to age. You may start finding it is harder to exercise, eat well, and get out and about often. But maintaining the following healthy habits will do you wonders as you age.

1. Sleep enough

Sleeping seven to eight hours a night is highly recommended for all adults, to maintain good physical and mental health. You may find your sleeping patterns start to change as you age, and you’re not alone. Many older people report that it is harder to get to sleep, and stay asleep as they age. Try cutting back on stimulants like coffee and sugar early in the day if you experience trouble sleeping. If you have trouble sleeping, talk to your healthcare professional.

2. Stay on top of preventative care

If you wait until you’re sick to see the doctor, read on! Staying on top of your health is important at all times, but is particularly pertinent when you start to age. Keeping up to date on vaccines, tests, and regular check-ups will mean you are on the front foot should anything go wrong. As you age, you become more susceptible to illness and disease, so it is vital that you form a good relationship with your doctor, and start visiting regularly.

3. Quit your bad habits

It is never too late to kick a bad habit like smoking or drinking to excess. Even if you have had a habit of smoking for decades, research has shown that your body will start to feel the effects of quitting almost immediately. Replacing your bad habits with better ones, such as healthy snacking, socialising, or a new activity, will assist you in quitting for good. If you require help quitting smoking, contact your healthcare professional.

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