The Effects of Low Testosterone in Ageing Men

Most men will experience a steady drop in testosterone beginning at age 30. Men will likely start noticing some physical and mental changes a decade or two after their testosterone levels begin to drop.

Physical Changes

Testosterone helps build muscle mass and improve bone mass and density. Therefore, men experiencing a drop in testosterone levels may notice a loss of muscle, and even increased body fat. Many men will notice increased fatigue, decreased sex drive, and sometimes hair loss.

Mental Changes

As with any hormonal changes, decreased testosterone levels can lead to mental and emotional shifts. Some men report experiencing depression other mood disorders. Some may also experience a lack of mental clarity, irritability, and can find it harder to focus.

Unlike a woman going through menopause, testosterone in men will drop gradually over time. This means that the older a man is, the more likely he is to begin experiencing the above symptoms. Occasionally, men under the age of 30 will start experiencing some of the above symptoms of low testosterone, which can be for a multitude of reasons.

If anything above has rung true for you, speak to your health care professional about available treatments.

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