About us

The Dallas Parade Compounding Pharmacy is a member of PCCA (Professional Compounding Chemists of Australia). PCCA is a professional body which controls quality accreditation, provides all of our pharmaceutical grade ingredients, technical support and tested formulations.

Dallas Parade Compounding Pharmacy is staffed with experienced compounding pharmacists and technicians. As part of our pharmacy’s quality assurance policies, it is a requirement that each team member continues to avail themselves to all continuing education programs.

This ensures that our professional and specialised clinical service is maintained to standards set by the quality control boards.

All of the pharmaceutical ingredients used in the preparation of compounded prescriptions are of USP and BP approved grading.

We also have testing procedures in place that make sure all of the compound prescriptions produced are of the highest quality and potency.

A large investment in equipment has been made at the Dallas Parade site to bring this service to the area. Our specialised compounding laboratory is a clean environment equipped with an array of specialty equipment.

We have a laminar flow cabinet for the production of all compounded pharmaceuticals. We use a commercial quality laboratory cream blender in order to homogenise all ingredients to ensure a uniform distribution of medication throughout our creams.

All of our capsules are produced in pharmaceutical grade capsule machines which are able to accurately produce capsules within the defined limits set by the US and British Pharmacopoeia.

Our laboratory also contains a computerised electronic balance (capable of measuring down to the nearest milligram), an electronic pH meter, electric stirrer/hotplate as well as an array of other modern compounding utensils.

The use of sophisticated compounding equipment in a clean, environment controlled laboratory ensures only the highest quality products are compounded at Dallas Parade Compounding Pharmacy.