• 8 tips to help you sleep through the night

    Sleep problems can come in varied forms. For some, getting to sleep at a reasonable hour is difficult. Others will struggle to get out of bed when their alarm sounds. For many, sleeping through the night without waking is almost impossible. If the latter sounds familiar, here are eight tips to help you sleep through […]

  • Sleep tips for children

    Tips for toddlers Make sure they get enough sleep! Toddlers may seem to be full of energy, but they still require 11 to 14 hours sleep each day. This might mean two naps, or one and a long night’s rest, depending on your routine. Set some limits around sleep time. As a toddler, your child […]

  • Naps 101

    We love a good nap in the afternoon, and when we manage to squeeze on in on a Sunday afternoon, we know it’s been a good day. But how do you get the most out of your nap, and wake up feeling refreshed? Napping can be seen as lazy and unproductive in our modern society, […]

  • Sleep like it’s a sport

    Top athletes and the fittest people on earth take an equally as serious view on sleep as they do for their training. Poor sleep means poor performance, whether this refers to performance in sport, at the office, or at home. If you have a goal to improve your fitness, complete a project, upgrade your career, […]

  • Sleep and stress

    Often when you are stressed you don’t sleep well, and if you don’t sleep well, you can become stressed! There is a close link between stress and sleeplessness, and unfortunately, an increase one often equals an increase of the other. Stress will usually cause sleeplessness because a stressed mind is always racing. It is making […]

  • How to hack sleeping patterns

    The first step to getting good quality sleep every night is understanding your sleeping patterns. Understanding your unique sleeping pattern will give you the knowledge to know when to go to bed, when to get up, and even how long to power nap for. Every individual has a slightly different sleeping pattern, but there are […]

  • Sleep and anxiety

    Anxious feelings and Anxiety Disorder usually come hand in hand with problems sleeping. Research has shown that anxiety can cause sleeplessness, or trouble falling asleep, and trouble falling asleep can cause anxiety, so you can see how an unpleasant pattern starts to form. Because of this, it is likely that sufferers of one will also […]

  • Nutrients to help you sleep

    You’ve banned your phone before bed, you’ve dedicated yourself to a night time routine, you have a sleep schedule down pat, and you’re still struggling to sleep restfully. What else can you do? We have compiled a list of nutrients that have been shown to improve your sleep and help you wake up feeling more […]

  • How much sleep do I need?

    Getting poor or too little sleep can affect you in many negative ways. It is important to optimise your sleep and get a sufficient amount in order to function at your best. But how much sleep do you really need? This will vary based on a lot of elements, but we have a guide to […]

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