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Omeprazole was the breakthrough medicine of the late 1980’s and revolutionised the treatment of peptic ulcers, reflux and GORD (gastro-oesophageal reflux disease). In infants, reflux is normally a developmental condition and as the oesophageal sphincter matures the condition resolves. For this reason omeprazole is a short term medication.

The 30 years of experience that the medical profession have with omeprazole and its good safety profile has meant that it is considered safe to use in babies. The major drawback for use in babies is that omeprazole is sold as tablets and babies cannot swallow tablets. Anyone who has tried to use the tablets will know that they don’t really dissolve and can be difficult to give as the taste is very bitter and unpleasant. 

Compounded omeprazole is pure active ingredient (not crushed up tablets) suspended in an alcohol free suspension, flavoured and without artificial sweeteners.

We use only PCCA ingredients in making omeprazole suspension and the formulation has a 180 day expiry. It needs to be refrigerated. Omeprazole is dispensed in bottles with special lids known as adapter cap to make drawing up of doses easy.