Slow release T3

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T3 is one of the hormones used to replace your body’s own thyroid hormone when your thyroid gland is not working. Under-active thyroid can occur naturally, from injury to the thyroid by radiation or medication or if a patient has had their thyroid gland surgically removed.

The thyroid gland is essential to a normal life. The thyroid produces hormones that maintain normal mental and physical activity. 

T3 is the more active of the thyroid hormones. It is either released directly by the thyroid gland or it is converted from T4 by enzymes in the body tissue. T3 is a short lived hormone and our body naturally creates and releases T3 often throughout the day. To try and mimic this prolonged action of T3, slow release formulations are needed. 

The ability to make “slow or controlled-release” capsules is vital, if all the T3 is released immediately the effect would be too great and potentially dangerous. It is important that these capsules are made by a pharmacy with experience and expertise in this area. The choice of controlled release agent matters. We use a slow releasing agent called Methocel E4M Premium CR is used. The Premium means it meets the USP standard and the CR means it is control released grade. It is considered the gold standard. 

As doses are often small these capsules use fillers. The filler we use in our thyroid compounds is Loxoral. Loxoral is a 100% hypoallergenic base that improves the stability of the product, and enhances the release of active pharmaceutical ingredients