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Testosterone is a well known hormone. It is the hormone that helps some people cheat in sport – helps users get bigger, faster and stronger. This overshadows the fact that testosterone is a very important hormone to both men and women. In men it’s responsible for sexual maturity, a deeper voice, body shape, and other physical attributes. In both men and women it can feed our drive to succeed and to find enjoyment in life. 

Most of the fear we have for testosterone supplementation comes from the experience of those who have devoured huge amounts for long periods of time. Looking like Arnold Schwarzenegger does not happen with normal amounts of testosterone. 

What can be considered as a normal amount of testosterone has long consumed the medical profession – testosterone naturally decreases with age – so a “normal” amount for a 60 year old is quite low. Correction of this hormone to younger levels can improve many predictors of health including mental health. Testosterone starts to decrease from the age of 30.

Some of the signs of low testosterone include:

  • lowered sex drive
  • reduced muscle mass
  • increase in body fat
  • problems with getting or maintaining an erection
  • reduction in the amount of semen 
  • changes in mood 
  • hair loss.