Menopause & Andropause

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This all happens as hormone levels decline abruptly at the average age of 50-51. Each woman experiences this stage differently, some will have few symptoms while others suffer on an hourly basis with debilitating and embarrassing hot flushes and sweats.

Did you know that hormone levels begin to decline slowly from the age of 35? This continues until the age of 45 (on average) where all of a sudden hormones fluctuate aggressively. Levels of estrogen go up and down, and can often mimic how you are feeling emotionally. This hormone roller coaster is called perimenopause, and can last 5 years until the levels decline to a low level and stay there. Menopause is defined as 12 months with no period.

Testosterone is also on a downward trajectory from 35 years of age for women. Testosterone is important to maintain muscle mass, bone health, skin and hair, not to mention the ever-dwindling libido.

Men too can suffer symptoms of lowered testosterone, although the decline occurs more gradually than in women. Symptoms include reduced sex drive, erectile dysfunction, loss of body and facial hair, lowered muscle mass, fatigue and depression.

Menopause is not spoken about enough and finding the right treatment option can leave you feeling frustrated and confused. Our pharmacists have expert training in menopause treatments. At we offer menopause consultations which help you understand what’s happening in your body, evaluate the troublesome symptoms you are experiencing, and then match the right treatment for you (which may include referral to a GP).

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