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Melatonin is the sleep hormone that sets you up for a good night sleep each night. It is released by the pineal gland in the brain. Normal melatonin levels vary throughout the day, with high levels occurring in the evening and at night, low levels during the day. Melatonin regulates our sleep wake cycle. It is also has very potent antioxidant effects important for proper rest and repair (which also happens to occur in our sleep).

Taking melatonin can help treat insomnia. For many people in Australia including children, melatonin is a prescription medicine which requires a consultation with a doctor. For people over 55 years, it may be available over the counter as an off-the-shelf product in consultation with the pharmacist.

Compounded melatonin can be useful in certain situations such as for children, or when different strength or forms of melatonin are needed. Melatonin seems to work well and is safe to use in the short term for sleep difficulties in children. Melatonin formulated as an oral liquid and absorbed under the tongue results in a fast onset of action in 15-20 minutes and tastes good which makes giving medicine to children less stressful for everyone.

Children with autism and ADHD can have a particularly hard time with falling and staying asleep. In children with autism, melatonin helped their communication, repetitive behaviours and anxiety levels, as featured in the book by Terry Katz, Solving Sleep Problems in Children with Autism Spectrum Disorders: A Guide for Frazzled Families.

Older children can even be given some authority over their treatment, being able to make choices on flavours and type of suspension we make for them.

We know that when you need a melatonin prescription for your child you need it now. We make melatonin most days and have a fast turnaround.