Three Ways to Practice Intermittent Fasting

Three Ways to Practice Intermittent Fasting

Intermittent Fasting is becoming an increasingly popular way to lose weight, and also reap many other health benefits. There are three popular ways to practice Intermittent Fasting. Read on to learn more about them and discover which one will suit you the best

The 16/8 Method

The most popular method of Intermittent Fasting is the 16/8 Method, which involves limiting meals to an eight hour daily window, and fasting for the remaining sixteen hours. Many people will choose this method as the easiest to follow, and will simply skip breakfast and eat from around 12:00 pm to 8:00 pm. The plan gives you the flexibility to choose any eight hour window you would like to eat in. For example, if you are someone who likes to eat in the morning, you may choose to eat between 9:00 am and 5:00 pm instead.


The Eat-Stop-Eat method involves fasting for a 24-hour period once or twice a week. Many people will choose to do this by stopping their meals after dinner one day, then fasting until dinner the following day. For many people, this method will be more difficult to stick to. If you are new to Intermittent Fasting and would like to try the Eat-Stop-Eat method, it is recommended that you start with fasting only one day per week.

The 5:2 Diet

The 5:2 Diet rose in popularity a couple of years ago, but is still utilised by many people. This method involves choosing two days per week to eat only 500-600 calories, and eating normally the other five days. It should be noted that this method has the potential to be ineffective for some, and have even caused weight gain in occasional cases. This is due to people eating more than they normally would on the five ‘normal’ days to make up for less calories on their two fasted days. If you choose this method, be mindful that this can happen.