Are Testosterone Treatments Safe?

Over the past decade, the number of men who have accessed testosterone treatments have tripled. With this number rising, there has been increasing discussion on whether the treatments are safe. Studies have been conflicted, and have given many different perspectives and answers to the above question.

Most experts have now said that the best course of action is to go to your doctor before even thinking about making any decisions. Your doctor will be able to first determine if you have low testosterone levels, and will then be able to give you educated direction. Men with low testosterone may also benefit from improving their lifestyle by maintaining a healthy and active lifestyle.

Endocrinologist Bradley D. Anawalt, MD suggests that when visiting your doctor about testosterone levels and potential treatment, you should be asking the following five questions.

1. What are the symptoms of low testosterone?

2. What else could explain my symptoms?

3. How likely am I to have low testosterone?

4. Do I have any of the common causes it?

5. Should I have my blood testosterone measured?

If you are seeking information on treatments for low testosterone, speak to your healthcare professional about your options.

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